2016 Trip

As we edge closer to the mission trip to Cambodia in November (in about a week!), I want to take some time to reflect on last year’s mission trip.

We wholeheartedly prayed and set our goals for the Cambodian mission trip in October of 2016. There were 14 participants, including my family. We thank all of our partners at FBC and beyond (even out of state) for your prayers and the contributions, from the beginning of preparations for the mission trip to the end.

Even though the trip seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye, and a breath of fresh air, we managed to accomplish many things. There were many highlights of our mission trip to Cambodia. These moments included:

  1. A great Thanksgiving main event at the Children Center
  2. VBS sessions in several nearby villages
  3. Baptisms for many of the children and their families
  4. A new road project adjacent to the center sponsored by a member of our team
  5. The completion of the fence for the Children Center,
  6. Shopping for and visiting families living in extreme poverty in nearby communities
  7. Touring sites like the floating village, Angkor Wat, the Genocide museum

Shirley and I were super proud of this mission team. They ate Khmer food, worked in many cross-cultural situations, and coped brilliantly with the situations despite language barriers. Even though our schedule was very full, from early until late, they worked hard and compromised in all circumstances so we could fulfill our goals.

Personally, I thank both Jason and Kathleen Chastain, for assisting me behind the scenes and helping to make the whole trip a success. Additionally, I am proud of the Khmer leaders of the Children Center in Cambodia, who worked diligently alongside their peers, to help us accomplish our objectives . I do not know all the feelings of our team members, but the one thing I do know is that they loved the trip and most of them would like to go back again to serve those children who are in need, and to grow together, emotionally and spiritually, in the Lord.

Towards the end of the trip, my mother, Sonn Im, was severely sick. I thank all the team members, who understood our family emergency and allowed me to take care my mother closely with my brother Tommy and other relatives during her hospitalization. I sincerely thank you all who consistently prayed for my mother’s health and asked God to get her back home to Newberg as she wished. Our prayer was granted! God continues to make His miracles among us daily. This was one of them. My mother got home for two weeks and went to be with her Lord and Savior on November 22nd. We were spiritually comforted by your kind words, comfort, and condolences. What great support from the community!

As we embark on the next journey for this mission trip, please take some time to reflect in the Lord. Please pray that we may accomplish all the goals we set out to do to better the lives of the children at and around the Cambodian Children Center and their families. And as equally important, open our hearts and allow us to grow together in the name of the Lord.