Roof installation to begin on kitchen

The weather can be moody and unforgiving in many parts of Cambodia during the month of October. The month brings with it the last bits of warm rains of the SW monsoon which have dominated the country since April. Spot thunderstorms have been a norm the last few weeks, and will continue to roll through for another week or so, as we transition to a drier Khmer “winter” in early November.

Despite the rain and thunderstorms, we managed to be quite productive this October. The staff saw installations of metal structures to support roofing, and other efforts spent on walls, and grounds of the kitchen. Diligent and tirelessly, the construction staff worked late through some nights to take advantage of good, dry weather.

There’s definitely still work to be done to put on the finishing touches on the kitchen wing. It will be perfect timing for fellows to assist when they get here at the end of the month.

We are thankful from the bottom of our hearts for the financial contributions, physical efforts, and continued prayers of the many that have made this Kitchen Project a reality.

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