CCM begins construction of kitchen

After three weeks working on the master plan for the new kitchen (29 ft. X 36ft. and 19 ft. high), and going through the bidding process for various resources, the new kitchen project at the Cambodian Children Center has started construction.
CCM Kitchen

The project is projected to cost $25,000, including all supplies to make it a fully functional kitchen. We are still seeking funds for this project: You can checkout our live GoFundMe campaign  or find other ways to donate,

In other news, during the month of September, the Melum community (the local neighborhood surrounding the Cambodia Children Center) held two meetings in our children’s center, focusing on family anger management. We are overjoyed to have been able to host these meetings to help care for the emotional well-being of the families in the local Khmer community.

God is giving us an amazing opportunity to minister and reach out to local Khmer communities and their children, while the door of evangelism is still open for us, after the Killing Fields three decades ago. We thank you all for your partnership with us in prayer and financial support.



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