Successful fundraiser for Cambodian Children Ministry at First Baptist Church

Auction opens for CCM

We held our second dinner and auction fundraiser on May 13 at FBC. It was a smaller event than last year but the outcome was still beyond our expectations. Around 165 people attended the event. Some participants came all the way from the Seattle area.

Youth dance troup
Cambodian Oregon Dance troupe

Our program featured the Cambodian Dance Troupe of Oregon (they provided their dance performances to us last year as well) and a Blessing Dance performed by Chanrithy Him, author of the internationally acclaimed, award-winning memoir, When Broken Glass Floats: Growing Up Under the Khmer Rouge. These groups performed live and their dances were excellent.

We raised $6,714, after expenses.

We are grateful to all our partners and donors, who contributed food, auction items, and financial contributions.

Again on behalf of the Cambodian Children Ministry, I would like to extend my deep thanks to our fundraiser coordinators, FBC support, pastoral staff, Cambodian ministry leadership team, our special guests, new donors, the auctioneer, cook team, dancers, our youth, your prayers to make that event possible. This CCM ministry couldn’t grow and stay strong without your love and support. I would like to give thanks to many partners in the ministry that couldn’t make it for the event but financially contributed through mailing. Also because of this CCM ministry, the Cambodian Ministry here at FBC has the opportunity to grow in their spiritual strength and continue in their fellowship and working in unity.


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